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Loved The House? Be Ready To Make An Offer!

In continuum to my previous post on how in today’s market, buyers should be ready to compete, I wanted to stress again to all the home buyers out there that the highest and best offer is not usually the seller’s strategy when it’s not a short sale or foreclosure transaction. I’ve seen buyers, debating and going back and forth between themselves on whether they should put an offer on a house they loved; they weren’t mentally ready and as a result they missed the opportunity to get the house they loved. Because they were hesitant, even though they put on great offer, they were late! The seller already accepted another offer and this is just a missed opportunity.

I totally understand that buying a house is a big commitment, it’s probably the largest purchase you’ll ever make and it’s an emotional and stressful process. BUT, you should trust your gut and your real estate agent, especially if they have shown you again and again that they care about you and the transaction.

It’s a tough market out there now, so be ready to make an offer. Want to discus your real estate needs over coffee? Contact me now!


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Hey Sellers – Are You Ready For Multiple Offers?

This past weekend, a house went on the market. The house was certainly overpriced but because there’s nothing in the market now, or anything else worth checking – there were a lot of eager clients coming to the  showing and 8 offers were put on this house within 3 days. It might surprise you, but this happened even though, the house wasn’t upgraded or in top notch conditions,  nonetheless they received multiple offers and these were competitive offers. As I recently shared with you – this is because there just aren’t many options out there but there is an abundance of interested buyers who want to buy now and don’t want to wait till spring.

If you are considering selling your house, you should consider how to price your house to get to multiple offers; several strategies exist when it comes to pricing your house and I’d be happy to discuss them with you (click here to contact me).  Sellers should think it through and decide, as part of their selling strategy, whether they’d like to  disclose the fact there are multiple offeres or not. Since buyers are humans too, some love the competition and will gladly jump into the competition and get into a bidding war, but some buyers may be scared off, and would rather wait to the next house, as they are just not competitive by nature.

Once you get your multiple offers, sellers should know to differentiate the good and sustainable offers from the rest of the pack, i.e. what is the offer with the highest probability to get to closing. And this is again, something only a well seasoned agent like me can help you with! Thus, you should remember that an offer is comprised of a number of parts and different terms: price, closing costs that may have been asked to be paid by the seller, date of closing, special stipulations and concession requested from the seller. True, the first thing most people think about is the higher the price – the better the offer. However, what if you are in disagreement about the closing date because you want to close now but the buyer wants to close in 2 months? Clearly, this might not be the best offer for you!

A not less important thing to consider when estimating the different offers is how financially strong the buyer is? Are they cash buyers that don’t need financial contingency?  How much earnest money are they willing to pay? Is their mortgage pre-approved by a reputable lender?

Now, don’t be overwhelmed! I am always here to help you, if you are considering selling your house – come and have a coffee with me!

However, just because the market is shifting towards a seller’s market. Don’t think that you can just list your house and show it as is. The house should be decluttered and staged, clean and organized. You still need to make the effort to tidy it up so there is a great incentive for buyers to put an offer on your house. Click on the link for more seller resources.