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Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong When You Buy a House – no. 4 – Title Problems

The title if a formal document that serves as evidence of ownership.  When you purchase a house, the seller has to transfer a clear and markable title without any restrictions so first you will be the legal owner of the house and the land it sits on; and second, so you can sell it afterwards without any trouble.

As part of the closing process, the transaction attorney check the title to see if there the title is clear. Some of the issues that may arise with the title are:

  • Liens  are a hold on the property due to debts for federal and state taxes, home owners association fees etc.
  • Missing signauture on the deed
  • Missing documents
  • Encroachments due to a neighbor that extended their garage on the property or due to a survey mistake

There are a whole milieu of title problems that may come to the surface when the title is checked.

To solve any type of issue, the closing attorney will work with the title insurnace company (if applicable)  or the seller will have to pay out-of-pocket to resolve the issues, which can be very costly.  The best way  to protect yourself is to buy an owner title insurance when you purchase a home. This way, if anything arise, even 10 years later, you know that you are covered and the title insurance company will handle and solve the issue.

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