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Buyers – Are You Ready To Compete?

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As the current market shifted towards a seller’s market, you as a buyer sshould  adjust your expectations. Yes, indeed, in case you didn’t notice the market has changed! There are fewer homes on the market, actually there’re ¼ of the amount of homes that were available last year; so even if the amount of buyers didn’t increase as compared to last year, the competition sure did and is way more intensive! Buyers should be aware, that if they are serious about buying a house now, buyers have no choice and compete for it, assuming the price and condition justifies the house.

As a buyer today, if you find a house that is attractive to you, even if its price seems a bit over the market, don’t assume people won’t jump on the opportunity and be willing to suggest even a higher price than the listing price – the competition is rough!  As I alluded to before, buyers should adjust to the current market and be willing to make the right offer if they really want the house.

As a realtor I always ask my clients – what would be the max amount you’re willing to put on the house, so if your offer is not accepted, you won’t feel that you missed a great house, just because someone else offered a bit more than you. Lastly, this is why it’s imperative, that you are ready with a pre-approved mortgage from a well-known reputable lender.

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One thought on “Buyers – Are You Ready To Compete?

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