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What Are The Most Important Parts Of The House To The Average Buyer?

In continuum of our latest post about whether you should remodel your house before you sell,  we thought you should know that an upgraded kitchen and master bedroom will make your house more likable to any buyer! Nonetheless, they will like your house more, just because of that compare to any other houses with outdates kitchen and master bathroom.

Should you  renovate your kitchen and/ or the master bathroom to sell faster and for higher price? Well, in all honesty – it depended. Talk to us and will make sure to go over your specific details, your area and neighborhood.  So before you “over-improve” your house and lose the money, find out what’s suitable for your house by contacting the Ayelet Gilad Home Team today!


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Should You Remodel Prior To Putting Your House On The Market?

Is improving your house will make it sell faster? Will you get more money for a recently renovated house?

Unfortunately, there is not a straight answer to this. It really depends!  Renovations and remodeling can definitely make your home more sellable and compatible to buyers taste. However, while some renovations can benefit the selling process and yield a higher price,  some renovations would only help you sell the house faster without increasing its value. Since cost of renovations and recouping the money when selling the house depends on the area, checkout this table, which summarizes the cost of the project, the resale value and the $ recouped for a variety of projects ranging from deck edition to kitchen remodeling to door replacement.

How can you decide if you should renovate or not? Contact us for your free consultation.


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Why Choosing The Right Selling Agent Matters?

While choosing the right agent is a key thing, making sure they are part of the top office is not less important!


The Gilad Home Team is proud to be part of the Keller Williams Rawls group.  You should know that while the whole market had 4% decrease in home sales, the KW Rawls group sales increased by 47% in December 2012! We out-preformed all the other real-estate agencies in the metro Atlanta area.

Our reasons for success stem form the fact that we’re super professional and make a point to know exactly what’s going on not only in the metro Atlanta area as a whole, but specifically in each specific region and neighborhood. Our knowledge is hyperlocal!

As you know, Buckhead is a different area than Roswell, and Smyrna is different from Alpharetta. Every area has its own characteristics and housing market statistics. Don’t let the post-cards you get in the mail from some real estate agents fool you! To get the real information

Call me at (404) 245-7172  or contact me to find out what’s going on in your area/ neighborhood  and get the real information that matters to you!

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The Dorment Giant In Real Estate

Atlanta is considered a new home market, meaning that  people in the metro Atlanta area prefers buying new houses rather than reslaes.

In the past 5 years, due to the recession, there were almost no new constructions.  However, if you look around when you drive, you probably notice recently that new constructions are starting to pop-up like mushrooms after the rain. What does it mean to you as a home seller? It means that the dorment giant is starting to awake, hence, more new constructions – more competition for resales!

So if you are considering selling your house, don’t wait around! The giant may be awaken soon and it will affect your chances of re-selling your home. Don’t drag your decision till new communities will take precedence over yours and it’s too late! Contact us today at 404-245-7172 to find out what’s going on in your local area.


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Are You Still Scared That Short Sales And Foreclosures Decrease Your House Value?

In today’s market the fact is that inventory is low, very low; this includes the inventory of distressed properties (short sales and foreclosures). If you are considering selling your home, you should know that this  is YOUR time to capitalize on your house value and avoid the competition in the spring!

It’s quite wrong to just assume that the spring is the only time to enter the market and list your house. There are a few reasons for that, and you can read more about them in our previous post;  but the main reason is that many houses are listed in the spring, in other words, as a home seller you will have competition,  and unless you have a crystal ball you can’t know how it will affect the market, and more importantly your house value.

As the inventory is low, buyers are willing to settle more because there just aren’t many options out there. Further, since the banks have learned “the real estate game”, they seem to prefer to wait with listing houses – this can be bad news for you as it means that there might be a wave of foreclosures listing that will bring the houses value, including your house.

If your house is worth $300-500K  you should know that in today’s market – you’re in a sellers’ market and that’s why now is the time to move up to the $500-750K houses you always wanted. The market for houses costing $500-750K is a buyers’ market.

Don’t delay your decision, spring is just around the corner! Contact us for a comparable analysis for your home value and get the scoop for your area trends.

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Is There Really A Difference Between Short sales And Traditional Resales These Days?

The difference between the prices of traditional resales and shortsales is shrinking.While short sales and foreclosures used to be a “deal”, they are not anymore. The banks have learned the “trick” – they increased their prices and are less and less willing to settle for a lower price. Considering the fact that foreclosures are a “buy as is” transaction and buyers can’t even get a seller disclosure, the attraction of short sales and foreclosures is diminishing.

Hence, home sellers shouldn’t be hesitant of selling their houses because of the fear that short sales and foreclosures in their neighborhood reduce their home value. In the current market, home buyers prefer “vanilla transaction” and not short sale.

In traditional resales, home buyers are not at the bank mercy without the ability to negotiate, in other words – in a traditional resale you can speak to a human and not to an excel sheet and most humans prefer that.  Additionally  as we mentioned before, short sales and foreclosures are “as is” sale so if there are any repairs or renovations needed, the bank wouldn’t take care of it, it is the home buyer problem and  s/he will need to pay for it out-of-pocket (i.e. cash). In a traditional resale, the seller can take care of any required repairs or it can be open to negotiation.

If you are thinking buying a home, contact us today to get all the details.

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How’d You Feel If You Could Sell Your House In Less Than 30 days?

Once you made the decision to sell your house, the next thing on your mind is how fast will it sell? And what is the number one factor affecting the time it would take to sell your house? Its PRICE!

The statistics speaks for itself – if you price your house right you can sell it and sell it FAST! And by fast we mean in less than 30 days.

As a home seller  you have only one shot at a price, once it’s set and the house is listed the clock starts ticking. If you choose the right price, it doesn’t matter if it’s a buyers market, sellers market or unicorn market. If the price is right, you can sell your house in 23 days on average!

However, if you want to try your luck and set a similar price to your neighbours (who been trying to sell the house for months now), the chances might be against you.  There is a  36% chance that you won’t sell the house at all and 31% is that you’ll need to settle for 80% (or less) of your original price  and it may take you between 6-10 months to sell the house. Now these numbers speak for themselves.

Moreover, most sellers don’t take into account that when they’re not willing to settle on the house price, it doesn’t mean that they will get more value. Sellers often overlook the fact that when you delay selling your house, you still need to  bear the costs for property taxes, utility bills and maintenance.

There is no simple formula to setting the right price to your house and many factors should be taken into serious consideration. When you list your house with the Gilad Home Team, we will closely work  with you, show you the numbers and set the right price for your house, so you can benefit more (i.e. sell for a higher price in a shorter period). Contact us today find out how much your home is worth.