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Haunted House? Spooky Neighbors?

Does your house look spooky without Halloween decorations? Do you suspect your house is haunted? Are the neighborhood kids scared of your house even when it’s not trick-or-treat time or is it your neighbor that is kind of creepy…or witchy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time for an upgrade!

Check out available real estate in the (more restful communities) of the metro Atlanta area:

Alpharetta, Buckhead,  Dunwoody, Roswell or anywhere else that you find enchanting…

Happy Halloween!!!


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Some Good News – Atlanta’s Foreclosure Activity Drops

Banks are allowing more short sales therefore foreclosure activity drops.

Contact me today for if you know of anybody that is financially distressed and I can help them with their short sale.

Search available short sales in Alpharetta.

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Local Metro Atlanta Area Updates Q2

Want to know the local trends in the housing market?

Take a minute to get updated on housing prices, supply & demand, new constructions, the mortgage situation and more by visiting the  Metro Atlanta Area Local Market Report for Second Quarter 2012.


Don’t miss the opportunity to find your dream home and search listings in you community today.

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Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong When You Buy a House – no. 3 – It’s Not Enough To Be Pre-Approved

A huge part of being prepared to buy a house is to be pre-approved for a mortgage. But, unlike the common belief – it’s NOT enough to be pre-approved for mortgage!

In the current real estate atmosphere when inventory is low and there are more buyers than properties you must put your best foot forward! You should be prepared with all the required documents and respond quickly to the loan officer requests, so he can approve the loan in a timely manner.

What often happens is that buyers have a false sense that they got it covered just because they were pre-approved, then they might find themselves approaching the end of the due diligence period and not having the mortgage approved. In this case, if they are not approved they will lose the earnest money and will not be able to proceed to closing! The other thing that might happen is that the loan is not approved before the closing date and thus needs to be postponed. Under most contracts, you will need to compensate the seller for every day of delay in the closing date, and you might need to pay them as much as 1% of the price a for every day of delay! This can adds up to a substantial amount of money!

For those reason, your mortgage should be approved and ready for the due diligence period. Then you can really be assured that you can buy the house you want!

I guide my clients through this process and help them with choosing the lender, deciding on the best offer and more. Contact me today to schedule your consultation!

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Does flooring add to the value of home

Real estate agents and brokers from Palm Springs, Calif. to Nashville, Tenn. and Garden City, N.Y. can be found online encouraging homeowners to rip up the carpet and replace it with tile or hardwood flooring to increase the value of their homes. But does flooring really add value?

New flooring can add a ton of perceived value, encourage higher offers, and even make a home sell faster, but it may not add dollars to your appraisal. Buyers may like the updated flooring and offer more as a result, but don’t expect a higher appraised value. The potential exception to this is if an appraiser considers the overall condition of the home has been raised from poor or average to good with the addition of new flooring.

So sellers, be warned. However, it is important to point out that some picky buyers have been known to run from homes just because they didn’t like the pink carpet in the third bedroom.

What Flooring Issues Should Buyers Look For?

The lesson here for home buyers is not to fall head over heels in love with the flooring and end up over bidding for a home only to lose the deal because the appraisal won’t support it.

Flooring is probably one of the easiest and most inexpensive home improvements of its size. So if you love the rest of the home, pause and do the math.

What is critical for buyers to pay attention to is the quality of the flooring installation. If shoddy work was done, who knows what else was skimped on that could cost you more money later. Underlay is especially important – it may look great from the surface, but if underlay wasn’t properly installed, your flooring could quickly become a nightmare.

What Should Sellers do to Their Floors?

Sellers should of course consider repairing or replacing the flooring when it is badly damaged. However, this doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Depending on the circumstances and condition of the flooring, offering to install custom flooring or giving buyers a credit at closing could make more sense, especially if you are tight on funds.

Which Flooring Options Have the Best Return on Investment?

If you really must replace your flooring and budget isn’t an issue, does a specific type of flooring add more value?

Of course, the best answer really comes down to where you live, the styles of the moment and which rooms you are remodeling. Debbie Gartner, aka “The Flooring Girl” of Westchester, N.Y., tells her clients with hardwood floors that refinishing them is one of the best moves they can make, adjusting the flooring to fit their style with new tones and finishes.

Insiders of the house flipping game will probably tell you that switching to Berber carpet in the bedrooms, affordable tile or laminate faux wood flooring in the living areas, and possibly higher grade marble in small bathrooms makes for the perfect recipe for both rentals and resales – delivering a high visual impact, great ROI and best value for the new owners.

4 Flooring Trends to Consider

If money isn’t an issue, then look into:

  1. Concrete (stained, colored or stamped)
  2. Bamboo
  3. Cork
  4. Sustainable, ethical or healthier flooring ideas including Marmoleum and recycled carpet.

5 Tips for More Affordable Flooring Projects

If you’ve decided to upgrade your flooring, these ideas may help you maximize your budget:

  1. Ask contractors if they have access to cheaper flooring.
  2. Shop online.
  3. Look for specialty warehouses and clearance centers.
  4. Learn how to install it yourself.
  5. Strip the flooring from your neighboring foreclosure properties (just kidding, please don’t).

Looking for a contractor that can help you upgrade your floor? Check my recommended vendor list.

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Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong When You Buy a House – no. 2 – The Termite Inspection

Termite inspection is a must have when you buy a house in the Atlanta metro area.

Negative results in a termite inspection are good news! As it means that no termite activity was detected.

When the termite inspection shows wood infesting termites, meaning there were or there are now termites in the house – the biggest issue is that you don’t know the extent of the damage beneath the walls! Clearly, this can be a major issue.

What can you do if termites activity is detected?  An inspector can try and assess the damage and you may give the seller the option to take care of the problem. However, if there is no way to estimate the damage, or in case of a short sale/ foreclosure the risk will be on you. In this case, you may choose to terminate the contract and start house hunting again!

Therefore, I recommend to any home owner to have a termite bond with a reputable pest control service that will inspect your property for termite activity or a regular basis and will treat against termites.

Still have questions? Contact me today and see how I can help!

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Tips for Home Sellers

While the fall housing market isn’t quite as popular as spring or summer, there are still home buyers that are seeking a new home. If you plan to sell this season, keep in mind these common motivations to selling your home this time of year:

1. First-time buyers – during the fall, there is a higher ratio of first-time home buyers. Keep in mind that you will be seeing more first-time buyers, so be sure to cater to what they need and look for in a home.

2. The holidays – many people are looking to buy a house during the fall are emotionally driven to be in their new home by the holidays, so put yours on the market well before the holiday season rolls around.

3. Less competition – by selling your home in the fall, you will face less competition with smaller inventory than in the spring or summer seasons.

Visit my website for more tips and seller resources.

Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? Contact me today for a consultation.